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Office 365 MFA with Multiple Authenticator Apps

This is an interesting article that explains how to set up multiple authenticator apps on one Office 365 account.  This could mean having the Microsoft Authenticator App on both my iPhone and iPad, or it could mean having the Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator on the same device or multiple devices.  This also works with the LastPass Authenticator.

Excel 2016 Clipboard Issues

My current organization has recently been plagued with problems in Excel when trying to copy and paste data.  This is apparently an issue that has affected many other organizations and has been going on since roughly 2015 with no fix from Microsoft.  You can find details here.

Our accounting department has been marching around the IT stronghold with torches and pitchforks in an attempt to get us to fix the issue.  They are ready to burn us all at the stake!

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Skype for Business

Using my Office 365 subscription, I upgraded to Office 2016. Now, I had been running the preview for quite some time on my test system, so I knew what to expect. I was surprised to find that the installer removed Skype for Business and then I was unable to re-install it. I tried installing Skype for Business from my Office 365 portal but received an error indicating that my version of office was newer than Skype for Business and therefore wasn’t compatible.

Some initial searching didn’t turn up much. Thanks to Mary Joe Foley’s posting over at, I was able to get Skype for Business installed and working again. You can read Mary Joe’s article for more information. The Microsoft support article that she refers to is here.

The Effect of Office 365 Archive Policy on Tasks

The Issue

My company has created an archive policy that is applied to all mailboxes. This archive policy causes any items older than 180 days to be moved to the archive mailbox. This policy has worked well up until recently. One of our executives contacted the Service Desk because some of his tasks were missing. After some digging, we discovered that the tasks were not missing. Having been created more than 180 days before, they had been moved to the archive mailbox.

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Wave 15 DNS Changes

When my organization went through the Office 365 Wave 15 upgrade process, we worked closely with our Cloud Vantage Service Delivery Manager. We met on a regular basis, and our SDM fed us a constant stream of updates regarding the pending upgrade. These updates included information Microsoft had learned from previous tenant upgrades, as well as known issues we needed to prepare for.

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Terminated User License Woes – Part 2

I received a couple of responses over in the Office 365 community regarding my questions about the new In-Place Hold option and user mailbox licensing. I also got a confirmation from my Microsoft licensing rep. Once you have placed a user’s mailbox on In-Place Hold, you can completely remove the license.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. The long hard way.

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