Excel 2016 Clipboard Issues

My current organization has recently been plagued with problems in Excel when trying to copy and paste data.  This is apparently an issue that has affected many other organizations and has been going on since roughly 2015 with no fix from Microsoft.  You can find details here.

Our accounting department has been marching around the IT stronghold with torches and pitchforks in an attempt to get us to fix the issue.  They are ready to burn us all at the stake!

We have tried everything from removing all group policies from the affected users and workstations to building fresh computers from directly from the current Microsoft Windows 10 ISO and just installing Office Pro Plus.  (Our Office bits come from Office 365)

If you are experiencing this issue, please use the link in the first paragraph to “vote” for Microsoft to fix this issue.  I’m not completely clear on why this “feature” requires votes to be fixed, but that’s the way it is.



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