Updated OneDrive Sync Client – Install

I received an email from Microsoft today regarding my request to test the preview version of the new OneDrive for Business client. Of course, I jumped right in and got the download going.

The initial download does not contain

the bits for the install. Instead, It contains documentation, GPO extensions, and registry updates. There is a lot of information for enterprises related to group policy and management. This is good stuff.

(You’ll find a link to download the program bits in the “OneDrive for Business Setup and Deployment Guide” Word document)


Here’s the short story.

I can’t get it to install. I’m running Windows 10 Home edition on my new HP Spectre x360. This is the normal update ring, not the Technical Preview fast ring. The installer launches, runs a status bar from left to right and then promptly goes away.


I’m wondering if this has something to do with Windows 10 Home edition. I’ll try this shortly on my Surface Pro 3, which is running Windows 10 Pro.


Please stand by…



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